Mahaveeri Devi Public School (MDPS) is a Co-Educational school affiliated to CBSE syllabus. Mahaveeri Devi Public School is located in Muzaffarnagar (U.P). The school was established in the year 2006 and is managed by Dayanand Bal Vikas Shiksha Samiti, v&p Sohanjani Jatan, Alipur (M.nagar). The School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. M.D. Public School is a poineer educational school.The School aims at catering the educational needs of the children. It is a co-eductional institute with English as the medium of instruction. Education lays the foundation for lifelonglearning and holistic development. We are committed to integrate Indian values, culture and traditions in the academic transactions. M.D. Public School aims at academic excellance by providing need-based quality education to equip the children with pragmatic skills to face the future with renewedconfidence and matchless courage.

Mahaveeri Devi Public School (MDPS) stands out like a shining star on the horizon of education. It is committed to spread the light of the knowledge and dispel the darkness of ignorance and illiteracy. Man is a harmoous blend of body, mind, intellect and soul. Thus any program of quality education should ensure physical, mental, intellectual and moral growth of students. It is only their over all simultance development that equips them with necessary strenght and skill to respond to the needs of the moment. It has been rightly said that education should give ample opportunities to the child to think freely and act discreetly.

Students are motivated to augment class room instruction through project work, excursions and trips. English is choosen as the language for communication, teaching and instruction in the school campus. Moreover, school also instils in students of feeling of universal brotherhood, comradeship, a sense of utility as indians, patriotic fervor, hidh moral values, etiquettes and manners. We endeavour to create an atmosphere of openness, intellectual curiosity, discipline, huminity and a scientific temprature which is essential to the unfettered growth of a young mind.

Our Vision

Our Vision at MDPS School os to support poineers of tomorrow. Through a careful selection of academic elements that include the develpment of the physical, mental and moral faculties, our learning experiance has a holistic touch to it. With more than three decades in the servce of education, we have summed up our vision statement in these words, "Excellence in education and all-round development".

Our Mission

, A student with knowledge attitude skills, social and ,oral values which enhance their personality development, physical and psycho-social capablities which are effectively achieved though professional coaching in sports, creative and personality enhancement activities.

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